What to Think and Say to people who say fasting is wrong

What to think

I am on the right path and I’m not letting them upset me.

I can’t change their mind, I’ll let my success show them how effective fasting can be.

I’m not here to change the beliefs of anyone, and don’t need to try changing theirs.

I don’t need your approval.

Their nutrition knowledge is outdated.

I’m living my live and they are living theirs

Keep quiet, I will pick my battles and who I want to argue with.

When the Student is ready the Master will appear…Buddhist saying .

What to Say

“I have stopped eating all processed foods and only eat natural food. I eat non-starchy vegetables, protein and healthy fats. I’ve stopped grazing and snacking”.

“I eat what ever I want, only when I am hungry”.

“I have a Dr’s appointment soon and I’m fasting for a blood test”.

For children who want to fast. ” It simply is not on, they have different nutritional needs” .

I just skip a meal now and again.

I’ve stopped eating carbs.

Say nothing until someone asks, then say go an look up Dr Jason Fung.

Tell them the American Diabetes Association is promoting a ketogenic lifestyle to prevent diabetes and alzheimers disease.