Side Effects of Fasting for Two Days

four types of intermetttent fasting


While the two days intermittent fasting protocol can be a great approach to help you lose weight and control your eating, there are some side effects to consider.

Not eating for two days or even one to start with won’t suit everyone.

Here are some potential side effects to keep in mind.


Continually Thinking About the Eating/Fasting Windows

Intermittent fasting, fasting for one or two days is a more straightforward way to eat healthily and train your body when you are hungry and not hungry.

It is not meant to become an obsession, which is the problem with many restricting diets. Developing a healthy relationship with food, understanding it is only meant to fuel your body, not to become a hobby or something to help with your emotional health.

When you first start fasting, you might find that you are always staring at the clock and counting down the minutes until you can eat again.

Reduced Athletic Ability

When you are fasting, you may notice that you have reduced athletic performance. It is okay to do fasted workouts, but they should not be high intensity. If you do high-intensity cardio,  you might want to do your workouts during your eating periods.

Who should not fast or fast only under medical supervision

Children and pregnant women should not fast.

People with diabetes can only fast under medical supervision. The problem here is many medical practitioners are not familiar with the benefits of fasting. If this is a problem, take this book and ask them to read then have another conversation. It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your family physician, and it is Ok to get a new doctor to suit your needs.

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