Fasting Fast Track Program

The FASTING FAST TRACK Program provides the steps to safely fast two days per week.

During the 4 week program, you’ll learn all you need to be fasting consistently, losing weight and feeling great.

Fasting Fast Track Program is currently OPEN.

We are currently taking applications.


The program includes:

  1. Preparing to fast for success – Application Form
  2. Four Week FASTING FAST TRACK Protocol
  3. Three video tutorials per week with lifetime access
    • Preparing to Fast
    • How Fasting Works
    • Fasting v’s Eating Less – What’s the difference for fat loss.
    • Ketogenic Diet v’s Fasting
    • Fasting v’s Bariatric Surgery
    • Tips and Tricks for Staying on Track
      • Hunger Management
      • Feeding Window Checklist
      • Fasting Checklist
    • Muscle Wasting Myth v’s Reality
    • Essential Supplements
    • When to Stop Fasting
    • Talking to Your Doctor
    • Fasting and Diabetes Management and Reversal
    • Long Term Sustainable Fasting Protocols – When you have over 40 – 80 pounds to lose