About Me


My name is Judy Nichols and this is my heartfelt message to you about my journey with my weight.

I was always a chubby child, I received unrelenting teasing from my brother about being fat. What made it worse was when his friends came over and also teased me.

Sport was not my favorite activity at school. In netball and hockey I would try to run up and down the sidelines hoping the ball would not come anywhere near me so I wouldn’t let the team down. I was a good swimmer, and the teacher told me so because I floated well.

I did excel at school and loved to learn.

At 15 years, mum could see I was not joining in socially because I was self conscious of my weight. One day she brought home a Weight Watchers brochure. I remember the plan 40 years later. Three slices of bread, two fruit, 1 potato or 1/2 cup of rice, 1 oz butter, 1 oz cheese and 4 oz of meat/chicken or 5 oz fish and once a week a serve of liver.

It worked at I lost 42 lbs, ie 3 stone or 19kg.

I kept this weight off until I was studying to be a Dietitian. I was learning about the dietary guidelines and put on two stone ie 12 kg when I followed the High Carb Low Fat eating plan.

My love of learning about nutrition continued and I gained an Master Science in Nutrition from the School of Medicine at Flinders University and then I qualified to become a Diabetes Educator.

I’m also love to cook and create new recipes for all to follow.

I am now an advocate of a Low Carbohydrate, High Fat and Moderate Protein diet combined with Intermittent Fasting.

My passion is to translate what can seem complex nutrition science into health messages for all to follow.

Obesity and diabetes can be reversed with this dietary and eating approach.

After all of my personal heartache and a lifetime of study and clinical practice I hope ” How to Fast For Two Days” will help you to live a full and long life.

My Best Wishes To You

Judy Nichols

Bachelor Agricultural Science (Major – Nutrition);
Post Grad Diploma Nutrition and Dietetics,
Post Grad Diploma Diabetes Education ( Major – Health Literacy);
Master Science ( Major – Nutrition in Chronic Disease) and,
Master Health Administration ( Major- Health Planning)